Throughout her reign, Queen Elizabeth II distinguished herself in the company of her many corgis. A passion for animals transmitted to his daughter, Princess Anne, who set her sights on another breed, the bull terriers. However, the latter have not ceased to be talked about and the latest incident to date would have taken place on Boxing Day, in Sandringham.

That day, Princess Anne’s dog allegedly violently attacked the gamekeeper’s dog and bit his ear “frenziedly” as reported by the Daily Mail. “It took some time to remove the dog from the ear of the other, because he had sunk his fangs deeply into it” indicated a source close to the royal family, before specifying that there was ” a lot of blood and a lot of screams”. If the dog finally let go of the other animal, the incident could have turned into a disaster and the atmosphere would have been extremely tense after the fact.

Princess Anne already condemned because of her dogs

After the violent attack on Princess Anne’s dog, some people are said to have wondered “what would have happened if it had been Charlotte or George, or any other child instead of the dog”. According to Norfolk police, the owner of the injured animal did not press charges after the incident.

In the past, Princess Anne has already been summoned by the courts because of her dogs. In 2002, his bull terrier Dotty attacked two children and the ex-wife of Mark Phillips was sentenced to pay a fine of 750 euros. Four years later, his dog Florence bit an employee of the royal palace of Sandringham. A week earlier, the animal had attacked Pharos, Queen Elizabeth II’s favorite dog, who had to be euthanized. What embarrass the 72-year-old woman.

Princess Anne: her dog is acting up and could get her in trouble again

Princess Anne © CYRIL MOREAU

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