Princes Harry and William: these new shattering revelations about the dispute between the two brothers

If the princes Harry and William are no longer as close as before, their argument does not date from yesterday … In the book Battle of the Brothers, Robert Lacey assures that the two brothers argued violently about the claims according to which Meghan Markle attacked the palace staff in 2018. On the phone, the tone would then be raised and Prince Harry would have hung up on his older brother. Later, as the Duchess of Sussex’s behavior was again criticized by staff, Kate Middleton’s husband then allegedly “kicked Harry out.”

The book claims Prince William suspected Meghan Markle of being “hostile” to the royal system and may have planned to leave the monarchy early on and return to the United States. In the book, a staff member said Meghan Markle had portrayed herself as a victim from the start, but was in fact the bully. “People felt overwhelmed by her. They thought she was a narcissist and a complete sociopath – fundamentally unbalanced,” he said. According to the book, Prince William had to put the monarchy ahead of his brother and stopped seeing it as his duty to protect him, while Prince Harry was also angry that his brother believed the accusations against him wife were true.

Was Meghan Markle attacking her staff?

Kensington Palace was known to keep its staff for long periods. It was therefore unusual for several assistants to resign in a short period of time. A royal advisor wrote in a letter: “I am very concerned that the Duchess may have intimidated two assistant household doctors over the past year.” He also said Meghan’s alleged treatment of staff was “totally unacceptable” and added that she “seemed to intend to always have someone in her sights.”

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