Prince George and his sister, Princess Charlotte, are educated at Thomas’s Battersea. Prince William’s son had to pick up trash as part of his apprenticeship. This trash collection experience left Prince George somewhat confused. During an interview with BBC Newcast, the Duke of Cambridge opened up about his son’s outing. During the interview, the father of the family showed his concern about future generations. William takes climate change issues very seriously, and so does his father Prince Charles.

He spoke out after his eight-year-old son told him about his own misunderstandings. Indeed, Prince George wondered why he picked up the trash without it having any effect. During the interview, Prince William said: “George recently picked up trash at school and I hadn’t realized, but speaking with him the other day, that he was already showing he was a little lost “. The outing organized by Thomas’s Battersea School was held for two days. Speaking to his father after Day 2 came out, Prince George said, “We cleaned that up. Why didn’t it go away?”

Prince William fears for the future of all children

After these exchanges with her son, Kate Middleton’s husband apprehends a future without change. He told presenter Adam Fleming: “We shouldn’t have a third generation coming in and having to step up even more.” Prince William fears that George’s generation will still have to fight for the environment 30 years from now.

For him, if such a scenario takes place, it will be just too late. The question of the environment has been at the center of the interest of British royalty since even the time of William’s grandfather. Speaking to Adam Fleming, Prince William said: “For me it would be an absolute disaster if George is sitting here talking to you or your successor, Adam, you know 30 years from now, whatever, still saying the same thing because by then we will be too late. “

Prince William © Agency

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