Buckingham Palace is very sensitive to racism.
Lady Susan Hussey, godmother to Prince William and lady-in-waiting to the late Queen, has resigned.
His racist remarks went around the world.

After 60 years of loyal service, Lady Susan Hussey is hastily stepping down on November 30, 2022. Lady Susan Hussey is godmother to Prince William, Prince of Wales, 40, and was lady-in-waiting to Elizabeth II. Because of racist remarks made against the boss of a charity association, this 86-year-old widow resigned from her post. Ngozi Fulani, the boss of the British organization Sistah Space was among the guests of Buckingham Palace on November 29. Prince William’s godmother has repeatedly asked where Ngozi Fulani is from.

Ngozi Fulani says he had mixed feelings about his visit to Buckingham Palace on Twitter. She transcribed the discussion she had with Lady Susan Hussey. The conversation has now reignited the debate on racism within the Firm. She said Lady SH approached her and moved her hair to see her badge. “What part of Africa are you from?” Asked the godmother of the Prince of Wales. Ngozi Fulani is said to have replied: “I was born here and I am British”. “Where do you really come from? Where do your fellow men come from?” Lady Susan Hussey would have insisted.

Prince William: the answer of the Prince of Wales is unequivocal

Buckingham Palace took the matter very seriously. Lady Susan Hussey quit very quickly, just over five hours after Ms Fulani’s tweet was retweeted around the world. The spokesperson for Prince William, Prince of Wales, was unequivocal, reports the Daily Mail. “Racism has no place in our society,” he said. “The comments were unacceptable and it is right that the person in question steps down with immediate effect,” he continued. On the other hand, friends of the Prince of Wales’ former godmother maintain that “Lady Susan was recognized as the perfect intermediary between the royal family and the people she met” and that “she was as competent as any diplomat and was never wrong”.

Prince William: who is Lady Susan Hussey, her godmother who is reviving the debate on racism in the royal family?

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