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Prince William traumatized: this experience which deeply marked him in the army

He left the army for his family. In 2013, a few months after the birth of his son, George, Prince William announced he was stepping down from his military duties. “His Royal Highness the Duke of Cambridge will leave the operational service of the Armed Forces, Kensington Palace announced in a press release. He finished his mission with the Royal Air Force Search and Rescue at RAF Valley Anglesey after more than seven years and half full time. ” If he left the ranks of the army many years ago, the husband of Kate Middleton remains very attached to the British military. And his experience in the Air Force will remain unforgettable. As the health crisis intensifies in the UK, Prince William frankly spoke of his past as a soldier in a conversation with frontline workers in the face of the coronavirus pandemic. And in particular, the repercussions that his work may have had on his private and family life.

Prince William, who worked with paramedics to provide emergency medical care to the East Anglian Air Ambulance, admitted his work had regularly affected his “family life”. He also explained that he “really worries” about the psychological burden of the pandemic on health workers. “I noticed some of it on my previous trip with the air ambulance,” the Duke said, alongside Kate Middleton, during a video call. When you see so much death and so much mourning, it has impact your worldview. It’s very interesting what you said about being able to see things in a different light. I think you said you thought everyone around you was going to die, that’s what really worries me about frontline staff right now. ” He continued, “This shock and pressure creates sadness, trauma and it impacts your own life.”

Prince William pays tribute to caregivers

Prince William, who explains that “the general public” cannot understand this sensation, explained that being “surrounded by this level of intense trauma, sadness and mourning” could never “leave” them: “It stays with you, at home it stays with you for weeks and you see the world in a much more depressed, darker, darker way.” Prince William and Kate Middleton have both emphasized that it is vital that frontline staff seek support at this critical time. “We are all facing an unprecedented period. I think it must be really tough at home right now, is that it is unlike anything we have been through, especially this third wave that we are going through now, continued the Duke of Cambridge, very committed since the start of the pandemic. People have to understand how normal you are human beings doing a brilliant job in a very, very difficult time and I hope everyone will ask for help. ”

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