Prince George and Princess Charlotte, 9 and 7, have a funny nickname for their father
They were inspired by a radio show they heard on the way to school
The show in question is about fish cooked in a bathtub

It’s a funny story that Prince George and his sister, Princess Charlotte, can tell when they’re older – and one that’s sure to be a laugh. It all started with a radio program that the two young schoolchildren, 9 years old for the eldest and 7 years old for the second in the family, listened to in the car while they were on their way to school. In this show on Radio 1, chef Ainsley Harriott, famous for his cooking shows in the UK, was the guest of host Greg James to promote one of his shows. As he explained to The Sun, the chef then discussed a very specific subject: the baths. This prompted the radio host to ask a very specific question.

“We talked about cooking fish in the bath. Greg James asked me if I could cook a fish in the bath water. And I said, ‘Yes, if it’s sea bass or plaice or something like that. It wouldn’t work with thicker fish because it wouldn’t poach well'”. The idea of ​​​​cooking fish in their bath water obviously made Prince George and Princess Charlotte laugh a lot, as Prince William then told when he, in turn, was invited on Radio 1 with Greg James. And that prompted chef Ainsley Harriott to change one of his famous little phrases, namely “Why, hello there Jill” to “Why, hello there Will. Poachy, poachy, poachy”.

A nickname as funny as it is adorable

Since then, Georges and Charlotte have nicknamed their father “Poachy”, which could be translated as “Poché”. An anecdote that chef Ainsley Harriott found “very cute and adorable” from the royal children. In the midst of unfortunate stories between their father and their uncle, Prince Harry, the young children of Prince William and Kate Middleton remain indeed children, for whom all means are good to have fun. Something to make their father laugh, who continues to be the apprehensive witness of his younger brother’s many revelations about the royal family, the latest being read around the world in Prince Harry’s memoirs titled The Substitute (Spare) .

Prince William: this unusual nickname that George and Charlotte have fun giving him

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