Prince William almost became godfather to the daughter of a famous Hollywood star.
Helena Bonham Carter, drunk, had proposed to Prince William to be the godfather of his daughter Nell.
Prince William politely declined the proposal.
Prince William officially has three godchildren: Alexios of Greece, Tom Pettifer and Grace van Cutsem.

The royal family has had its share of celebrities and controversies for a long time. However, his family tree lacks a great Hollywood star. However, the opportunity presented itself via Prince William. Invited on the set of the American show Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen, actress Helena Bonham Carter revealed that she had proposed to the Prince of Wales to be the godfather of his daughter Nell when she was tipsy. “I wasn’t so drunk… He wasn’t completely sober either. Not in a bad way, he was just very jovial,” remembers the interpreter of Bellatrix Lestrange in the Harry Potter saga.

Why did Helena Bonham Carter go so far to find a godfather for her daughter? She explains to Andy Cohen: “I used all my friends as godparents for my first child, so Billy had 11 godparents. So I thought I could catch up with Nell, who suddenly arrived and we didn’t. “We had no one around. I thought if I gave him Prince William, it would make up for it.” The actress adds that the eldest son of Charles III politely refused her proposal. “You don’t want me to be your child’s godfather,” Prince William would have said to him, already well endowed with honorary titles.

Who is Prince William godfather to?

If Prince William has declined the offer of Helena Bonham Carter, it is in particular because he has already earned his stripes of godfather. Harry’s big brother has three godchildren: Constantin Alexios of Greece, Prince of Greece and Denmark, Tom Pettifer but also Grace van Cutsem, alias “Grumpy Grace”, the famous little girl who sulked on the balcony of the palace of Buckingham when he married Kate in 2011. Crown scholars have vivid memories of the day Prince William first became godfather. Aged 16, he had just come out of an operation to repair his broken finger during a rugby match and therefore wore his arm in a sling. It is also rumored that he would be the godfather of Mia Tindall, turbulent great-granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth II…

Prince William: this tipsy Hollywood star who offered him to be his daughter's godfather

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