Prince William: this thorny question that he took care to avoid while traveling to Scotland

It is a subject that Prince William did not wish to comment on. Currently in full royal tour in Scotland, the Duke of Cambridge and his wife Kate Middleton visited this Sunday, May 23, a community center located in Edinburgh, which provides support to vulnerable people. It was on leaving the scene that Prince Harry’s older brother was treated to a particularly topical question from a journalist. This concerned the apologies offered by Martin Bashir following the revelations made on the underside of the controversial interview with Princess Diana in 1995. A question to which the future King of England answered with an icy silence that speaks volumes.

To put the context back, it was recognized, this Thursday, May 20 following a long investigation, that Martin Bashir, the journalist who interviewed Lady Di had in fact manipulated her to obtain this famous shock interview. In it, the Princess of Wales makes exclusive revelations about Prince Charles’ infidelities, his own affair with Major James Hewitt, but also his depression and eating disorders. So many confidences which are in fact the fruit of blackmail. As the investigation by Judge Lord Dyson reveals, Martin Bashir falsified documents to obtain this interview, even going so far as to make Diana’s brother Charles Spencer believe that she was being spied on by the intelligence services.

Martin Bashir’s apologies

In the turmoil, the interviewer apologized in the columns of the Sunday Times this Sunday, May 23: “I am deeply sorry” he confided. And to continue: “I never meant to harm Diana in any way and I don’t think we did. My family and I loved her.” He also claimed that Diana was happy with the interview and that he could not be “held responsible for the many things that were going on in his life and the complex issues surrounding those decisions”.

William and Harry angry with Martin Bashir

Very angry, following these revelations, Prince William had reacted in particular by means of a press release: “In my opinion, the fallacious means used to obtain this interview influenced my mother’s words. The interview largely contributed to the deterioration of relations between my parents and has hurt countless people. It makes me feel indescribably sad to know that the failures of the BBC have contributed greatly to his fear, his paranoia, his isolation, which I remember marked the last years I had with her “he said. From Los Angeles, Prince Harry also reacted by publishing a strong text: “Our mother was an incredible woman who devoted her life to service. She was resilient, courageous, and undeniably honest. The ripple effect of this culture exploitation and immoral practices led to his death “he denounced.

Prince William © Agency

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