Prince William: this terrible childhood memory after the shock interview with his mother Lady Di

It’s an interview that the British still remember. We are in November 1995. Princess Diana causes an earthquake in the monarchy, with a shock interview broadcast on the Panorama program on the BBC channel. Faced with journalist Martin Bashir who came to join her at Kensington Palace, Lady Di confided in full transparency for several hours about her life within the British royal family. It has been several years since Princess Diana and Prince Charles no longer get along, so much so that their couple is no longer even a facade.

In front of the camera, Princess Diana speaks without filter, of the infidelities of Prince Charles, of her infidelities, of her self-mutilation or even of her bulimia. This interview had really shocked the British people, while some passages would certainly have been censored due to attacks on Queen Elizabeth II. A close friend of Princess Diana, Simone Simmons, gave a recent interview to Vanity Fair where she returned to this famous interview. “Prince William was completely livid,” she said.

Prince William “furious”

The interview with Princess Diana had been such that her eldest son had been bullied at school: “Of course it was in all the papers, and William told me he had been bullied at school in because of that. He really didn’t feel good for his mother, because of everything she had been through, but he was also mad at her. ” Then Simone Simmons added: “People at school were insulting Diana by all names. The following weekend they had a big argument at Kensington Palace. William was furious and Diana was distraught. I was there. the next day after she spoke to him and Diana was in terrible shape. ” In tears upon discovering the interview, Prince William ended up forgiving his mother. “I had never seen him so angry with his mother,” she concluded.

Princess Diana, Prince William and Prince Harry © ALPHA AGENCY

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