Prince William: this sword of Damocles hovering above the Duke of Cambridge

The relationship has been strained between the two princes since Prince Harry and Meghan Markle decided to leave their royal function. From California, the United States, the couple has chained interviews and explosive statements. Everyone remembers the statements of Prince Harry in turn denigrating certain members of his family. Royal expert Duncan Larcombe recalls that “Prince Harry was not really subtle. He revealed to the whole world that he hates his family and that the whole system is rotten to the core.”

He also specifies that “by continually talking about the royal family, they are taking advantage of the brand”. It is worth noting that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have made very lucrative “multi-million pound contracts with Spotify as well as a 112 million pound contract with Netflix”. According to a former chief of staff, the couple have left the royal family for the United States to become “social influencers”. According to a royal biographer, a reconciliation between the two brothers is not possible. According to the latter, “the Duke of Sussex” cannot afford to upset his wife “”.

“If they spend their entire careers selling this royal brand, they’ll never talk to William again.”

The relationship between the two brothers seems to have been less strained during the unveiling of Lady Diana’s statue. According to the royal expert Larcombe, “the fact of coming back and seeing his brother, especially in the very moving context of a memorial for their mother, will perhaps make him question what he gave up everything for”, speaking of Harry. On the other hand, he continues to express doubts because of the contracts that Meghan and Harry have made with Spotify and Netflix. According to him, Prince William fears the couple’s next actions.

Prince William © Agency

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