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Prince William: this sad confidence about his son George

From the height of his 7 years, Prince George seems more aware than ever that in the coming years many animals will disappear. Which does not really delight him. Last September, Kate Middleton and Prince William received at Kensington Palace the visit of David Attenborough, famous naturalist who came to present his new documentary, A life on our planet, available on Netflix, and where it evokes the future of many animal species, especially their disappearance.

Passionate about animals, Prince George seems however to have had a little trouble watching the documentary until the end, and this because he felt very sad to see the imminent fate of many of them. them. “I don’t want to watch that anymore,” he said as he watched the documentary, Prince William reported, relayed by Hello magazine. “I think, to be perfectly honest, I find it difficult to maintain optimism with my own children, and it really is a bit like … a moment of understanding,” the Duke of Cambridge explained.

Prince George asks his father a lot of questions

Himself very concerned about the future of the planet, as he demonstrated in his documentary A planet for all, Prince William explained that he had become aware of several things since he was a father, in particular the importance of preserve the land where her children will live. A new film, where never-before-seen pictures of George, Charlotte and Louis have been unveiled, and which also shows how little Cambridge children are becoming aware of the nature around them. In particular the little prince of 7 years, who asks many questions to his parents on this subject. “‘Why have we come to this,’ he asks me, and I think every child can understand that,” Prince William said.

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