Prince William: this new snub that will make the Duke of Cambridge jump

He will get angry. The Crown is a television series broadcast since November 4, 2016 on Netflix. It traces the life of Queen Elizabeth II, from her youngest age to her reign. Over the course of the episodes, new characters have appeared and while a fifth season is being filmed, it is already making a lot of talk. As revealed by The Sun on November 15, there is in particular a scene that is likely to make Prince William jump. This is the annual charity event given by Vanity Fair which Princess Diana attended in 1994. It was in a beautiful black strapless dress that she had appeared and it was Elizabeth Debicki who will revive this sequence to viewers. However, according to royal experts, the production asked the actress to replay the scene in the exact spot where it first took place, which is inside Kensington Gardens. What is nearby? Prince William’s front door. “They could have chosen any location to recreate this scene, but they chose to select a location that can almost be seen by William from his bedroom window,” a source told The Sun. No doubt the Duke of Cambridge will not enjoy discovering this sequence.

A scene that will make people talk. This same person then wondered how “the production was able to obtain permission to use a royal park to film a particularly dramatic moment that the royal family was so deeply unhappy with”, we can first read. “But there is even more disconcerting: the fact that The Crown was allowed to film in a park which is also the home of Prince William,” she then added. In addition, for this new season, events dating from the 1990s were filmed. Among them, we can mention the divorce between Prince Charles and Princess Diana as well as his controversial interview with Martin Bashir, a journalist at the BBC and which dates from 1995. This had caused a lot of talk since Lady Diana had made revelations about his marriage, in front of 23 million people. “There were three of us in this marriage” she said, referring to Camilla Parker Bowles. As a reminder, Princes William and Harry had asked that the images of this interview never be broadcast again.

The Crown: will the royal family file a complaint against the series?

According to information published by The Sun, Elizabeth II’s lawyers are very attentive to this new season since the Windsors could sue Netflix. The reason ? “The season is about events that are still incredibly raw for many,” a source told the tabloid. Thus, this fiction could “do a lot of damage to the royal family”, concluded the same person. With these controversial sequences, will the royal family publicly react?

Prince William © Agency

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