The Crown series will once again make the British royal family cringe. Indeed, the British tabloid The Sun has confirmed what Prince William dreaded so much: the release of an episode devoted to an event that the entire Windsor clan would have liked to forget. In 1995, Lady Diana gives an interview to Martin Bashir, in the Panorama program, broadcast on the BBC. She then reveals the adulteries of Prince Charles with Camilla Parker-Bowles, her relationship with her riding teacher or even her psychological disorders. In November 2020, the Daily Mail revealed that an investigation had then been opened to find out whether the journalist in this interview had won Lady Di’s trust, assuring her that she was being monitored by MI5

In May 2021, the “manipulation”, as well as the use of “false methods” had been proven. But if the princes William and Harry thought that this file was confirmed, it was without counting Netflix and the series The Crown. Indeed, in November 2022, the fifth season of the series so appreciated by viewers will be filmed on the couple formed by Lady Diana and Prince Charles. Thus, The Sun has confirmed that the famous interview with Lady Diana will be staged in this new season. A whole episode would also be devoted to him.

“The creators of The Crown see the interview as the key moment of season 5”

Also according to the tabloid, millions would have been injected into the series by the production teams of Netflix. And no matter what the royal family says, the episode on Lady Di’s interview will indeed be broadcast: “The creators of The Crown consider the interview to be the key moment of season 5. For the writers, the heated marriage between Charles and Di led to his outpouring on Panorama, and the consequences of this decision defined their final months. They will invest heavily in this episode, “a source told The Sun.

Prince William © Agency

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