Prince William is now the Duke of Cornwall and Prince of Wales.

Hello! reveals in his article of September 26, 2022 that Prince William, Prince of Wales, is recruiting an accountant.
No less than 50,000 euros in annual salary for the future accountant of the Duchy of Cornwall.

The death of Queen Elizabeth II of England on September 8, 2022 redistributed the cards within the royal family. His eldest son, Prince Charles, is now King Charles III of England, 73. Prince William becomes the Duke of Cornwall and the new Prince of Wales. Kate Middleton, 40, naturally becomes Duchess of Cornwall and Princess of Wales. Prince William is now at the head of the huge Duchy of Cornwall. Hello! Magazine recalls that this duchy makes Prince William the largest private landowner in Britain.

In its September 26 article, Hello! also tells us that the Duchy of Cornwall generates around 23 million pounds a year. Between the Highgrove House, the Guy’s Estate or the Oval cricket ground, the Duchy of Cornwall has many properties and many land projects. We learn that the duchy covers 23 counties and its assets reach 1.2 billion pounds sterling, according to Hello! magazine. The Duchy of Cornwall needs an accountant on their team. And the salary offered is very attractive.

Prince William recruits: the Prince of Wales offers an attractive salary for the accountant of his duchy

The Duchy of Cornwall Estate is looking to recruit a Management Accountant. The proposed annual salary is between £45,000 and £50,000. “We are looking for people to join our team who share our core values. People who can be visionary, who will help us lead with integrity and accountability and in a way that encourages inclusion,” reads the statement. announcement posted on the Duchy’s website. “We have exciting challenges ahead. Our journey towards ‘net zero emissions’ and valuing nature will shape our field for many years to come,” the offer concludes.

Prince William is recruiting: find out the salary of his future accountant

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