Prince Harry talks a lot about Prince William in his memoirs
He confides a difficult moment during which his older brother made fun of him
Prince Harry did not expect such callous behavior

Prince Harry’s memoirs entitled The Substitute, or Spare in the original version, caused a veritable tidal wave of revelations about the royal family and in particular about his older brother, Prince William. It must be said that the situation has been tense for a few years now between the two brothers, and the break has only intensified with the departure of Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle for California. The couple decided to move away from the United Kingdom to protect themselves from the British tabloids, but this choice was obviously not easy to make and proved to have serious consequences for the royal family. On January 10, 2023, Prince Harry’s memoirs began to be sold around the world to trace the major events in the life of the Duke of Sussex.

Among other things, Spare readers learn that Prince Harry suffered from agoraphobia and his public appearances were always very difficult to deal with. During one event in particular, however, Diana’s youngest son was unable to count on his brother’s support, something he deeply regrets. “I was agoraphobic, which was an impossible situation given my status as a public figure. After a speech that I couldn’t avoid or cancel, and during which I almost fainted, Willy came to see me in backstage. He was laughing.” Prince William would then have said to him: “Harold! Look at you! You’re soaked”.

Harry: “No, it wasn’t okay”

A stunning reaction for Prince Harry, who had already spoken of his anxiety to his brother on several occasions. “He was there when I had my very first panic attack. Kate was there too. We were driving to a polo match in Gloucestershire, in their Range Rover. I was sitting in the back and Willy looked at me in the rear view mirror. He saw that I was all red and sweating. He said, ‘How are you, Harold?’ No, it was not okay. It was a journey of several hours and I wanted to ask him to stop every 5km so that I could get out and take a deep breath to catch my breath. Following this anxiety attack, Prince William would have even advised his little brother to go see someone. The fact that he made fun of him after his speech therefore seemed particularly harsh to him. “I couldn’t believe he could be so callous.” Despite this, however, Prince Harry acknowledges that he also has his share of responsibility for his estrangement from his brother, and that he would have liked to start taking care of his mental health earlier.

Prince William "insensitive"? Seeing his brother in distress, he would have behaved unacceptable

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