Prince William was pictured handing out The Big Issue newspaper on the streets of London.
Kate Middleton’s husband is committed to helping homeless people.
Prince William wore the garb of newsboys.

If this activity was to remain secret, it did not remain so for long. Thursday June 9, 2022, Prince William was photographed while he was distributing The Big Issue newspaper in the streets of London. According to information from the Sun, the husband of Kate Middleton wore the outfit of the newsagents: a red vest and the matching cap. A gesture welcomed by fans of royalty since The Big Issue is one of the social enterprises in the United Kingdom which makes every effort to offer the homeless or people in great precariousness the possibility of earning a decent income. Thus, these people have a greater chance of reintegration.

For many years, Prince William has worked on projects to help the homeless. A way to continue the actions launched by his mother, Princess Diana. Indeed, he was marked by his encounter with the homeless when he was a child. In February 2019, the father of the family even became the royal patron of the initiative The Passage, in Victoria.

Prince William talks about the plight of the homeless with his children

In numerous interviews, he has regularly highlighted his fight to help people on the street. He had also assured that he spoke, with his eldest children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, of the fate of the homeless when they came across them in the street. For the future King of England, it is essential that his children are also sensitive to this cause and get involved in turn.

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