Prince William was at the last rehearsal before the flag was raised
The Duke of Cambridge is Colonel of the Irish Guards
Kate Middleton’s husband checked his troops were ready for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

This Saturday, May 28, Prince William was at the last rehearsal before the flag was raised. Note that the Duke of Cambridge is the Colonel of the Irish Guards. It was in this function that he reviewed his troops and saluted at Horse Guards Parade. This is a military rehearsal for the Queen’s Birthday Parade, Troping the Colour. “The purpose of the Colonel’s review is to decide that they are ready for Her Majesty,” an Army source tells PEOPLE.

The Irish Guards will fly their colors during the Queen Elizabeth II Jubilee Parade scheduled for next Thursday. This is one of the main events for the Platinum Jubilee celebration. Note that Queen Elizabeth II will celebrate in good and due form her 70 years of reign. As colonel of the regiment, the husband of Kate Middleton is responsible for overseeing the parade. In particular, he assessed the troops to determine if they are ready for next Thursday.

More than 1,500 soldiers and 350 horses for the occasion

Over 1,500 soldiers and 350 horses are planned for Trooping the Colour. They will perform complex maneuvers accompanied by a musical program. Note that for this special occasion, various musical tributes will be addressed to the queen such as “Long Live Elizabeth”. The Queen’s Jubilee will also be an opportunity for the Irish Guards to wear their new colours. These were handed over by Prince William, 39, to the 1st Battalion last week at Windsor Castle.

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