The Prince of Wales has disappointed many Welsh people by meeting English players.
Prince William tried to defend himself as best he could.
Kate Middleton should be able to get out of the turmoil her husband.

No doubt: Kate Middleton is Prince William’s lucky star. On the sidelines of the World Cup in Qatar, the Prince of Wales has drawn the wrath of Wales. Indeed, the eldest son of King Charles III visited the players of the England team before their departure for Qatar where they will face… Iran in the first round of the world competition. For its part, the team of Wales faced the United States. “He can of course cheer whoever he wants and as chairman of the Football Association it’s understandable that he goes and meets the players, but surely he must realize that sporting the Prince of Wales title at the same time is totally inappropriate,” Welsh actor Michael Sheen, known for his roles in Twilight and Masters of Sex, tweeted. “No gene? No sensitivity to the problem?” he added

“I have been encouraging England since I was very young, but I support Wales in rugby and that’s my way of doing things,” Prince William replied in an attempt to quell the nascent controversy. “I tell everyone that I encourage both (teams),” he insisted. “I have to be careful with my affinities because I’m afraid that if I suddenly stop supporting England to support Wales, that’s not right for the sport either. So I can’t do that,” defended the Prince again.

Kate Middleton would commit to the Wales team

Only, his explanation did not convince the Welsh at all. But he should be able to count on the Princess of Wales to calm the situation. Indeed, according to information from the Daily Mail, the mother should take control of the Football Association of Wales, the football team of Wales. Sensitive to sports activities, the princess is already godmother of the All England Lawn Tennis Club, which organizes the Wimbledon tournament each year. Its mission is to award the prestigious Grand Slam trophy to the winner each year, on the famous London lawn.

With this new function, Kate Middleton could get her husband out of a very delicate situation. It’s not the first time this has happened. As soon as she has the opportunity, she does not miss an opportunity, she supports her husband and makes sure to protect their family. As a reminder, the Prince and Princess of Wales are the happy parents of three children: Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis.

Prince William in full controversy: how Kate Middleton will get him out of a very bad step at the World Cup

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