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Prince William ill: did Kate Middleton have Covid-19?

It is one of the best kept secrets of the British crown. Last March, as the Covid-19 pandemic gained ground in the UK and the country took containment measures to stop the spread of the virus, Prince Charles revealed he contracted the disease and was self-isolated in his home in Scotland. However, he is not the only Windsor to have been ill, as Kensington Palace revealed that Prince William had also tested positive for the virus last April.

“Important things were happening and I did not want to worry everyone,” said Prince William, who did not want to worry the British about his state of health, while many dead were already in lament in the country at that time. Isolated in his home in Anmer Hall, in Norfolk, the Duke of Cambridge had to move away from his own family, to avoid transmitting Covid-19 to his three children and Kate Middleton, who tested negative for the coronavirus, specifies the Daily Mail.

Prince William was “KO’d for six days”

However, if the secret has been well kept, Prince William did not let him know anything about his illness in public. While he was affected by Covid-19, the Duke of Cambridge made no less than fourteen phone and video calls to organizations he supports. However, behind the scenes, all did not go well. “William was hit really hard by the virus – he really knocked him out for six days. At one point he was having trouble breathing, so obviously everyone around him was quite freaked out,” said one. source close to the royal family.

Kate Middleton and Prince William © Backgrid UK

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