On August 31, it will be 25 years since Diana Spencer left this world. Despite her disappearance, the Princess of Wales still fascinates the public, to the point of inspiring books, years later. This is particularly the case of the book The palace papers, written by journalist Tina Brown, which evokes among other things the relationship between the one we nicknamed Lady Di and her two sons. As this former editor-in-chief of Vanity Fair explains, the princess was not perceived in the same way by William and Harry. While the youngest “idolates” his mother, the eldest seemed more lucid about the behind the scenes experienced by Diana. “William understood Diana more and idolized her less. He understood that the scandalous press was making his life hell, but also that she was cooperating with her,” writes the journalist. The young prince – endowed with a good spirit of deduction or informed by the tabloid press, we do not know – would have known about the affair between his mother and Will Carlin, the captain of the English rugby team. One day, the latter’s wife called out to Diana live to throw at her: “You chose the wrong couple”, which had the gift of plunging William into a black anger. Some time later, he confided to journalist Piers Morgan that he had placed a photo of the cheated wife in the center of his dartboard, to avenge his mother for this public humiliation.

Prince William and Prince Harry: protectors with Diana

And to believe the words of Tina Brown, Prince William was not the only one to take steps to defend his mother. Indeed, Prince Harry, he would have been particularly virulent towards Prince Charles, at the time when the latter was at war with Diana. “I hate you, I hate you. You make mommy cry,” the young boy reportedly shouted one day, banging his fists against his father’s legs. One thing is certain, Lady Di could count on her sons to play close guard.

William and Diana © ALPHA AGENCY

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