As the timeline dictates, the fifth season of The Crown will tackle Diana’s final years. A period punctuated by scandals, between liaisons, divorce and explosive revelations. It is in particular this last point which arouses the concern of prince William according to Ingrid Seward, the editor-in-chief of Majesty Magazine. Indeed, the program will reproduce the famous shock interview of 1995, during which Diana entrusts to the journalist Martin Bashir her doubts on the capacity of Charles to be king, but also where she launches the famous sentence: “We were three in this marriage”, in reference to Camilla Parker Bowles. An interview hated by William and Harry, who deplore the dishonest way in which the interview was carried out. “BBC staff lied and used false documents to secure my mum’s interview…they made macabre and false claims about the Royal Family which played on her fears and fueled her paranoia,” declared the eldest last April.

According to the two brothers, the interview would have “ruined the life of their mother and contributed to the events which led to her death two years later”, reports the Daily Mail. Despite the criticisms publicly expressed by William and Harry about this explosive interview, Netflix will devote two episodes of its series to it and will notably stage the reactions of Charles and William. According to information from The Sun, the former will be seen screaming and crying as Diana questions her abilities as a monarch, while the latter will be pictured watching the interview from his school in Eton, when a teacher comes up to him asking if he’s okay, to which William replies “I’m fine”, before turning on his heels.

“William is going to be furious”

“William is going to be furious. He said it should never be aired again. It’s in his mother and in her memory that they are doing this,” says Ingrid Seward before adding: “It must be very frustrating because he can’t say more, it would only give Netflix more publicity.” Whatever happens, the interview scene should make a lot of noise, since Netflix would have spent “millions” in these two episodes, in addition to having “exaggerated certain remarks and invented passages” according to the Sun. It promises…

Prince William: his appeal to the producers of The Crown brushed aside

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