Currently looking for someone to take care of their social networks, Prince William and Kate Middleton would struggle to recruit. While the post has attracted a lot of people, it would appear that the Duke of Cambridge’s behavior is pushing many of his staff to resign … and come in my years covering the Royal Family and William is known to be a great boss. He makes sure his staff are seen as co-workers as much as possible rather than employees. He is very modern. ” He then added: “The problem is that, like most of his family, he gets angry very easily. You don’t see him a lot and we certainly haven’t seen him publicly like we did with him. Charles, Philip or Harry, who all showed their anger. “

Duncan Larcombe assured: “It’s rare, but when something goes wrong William can lose his temper and re-dress the people who work for him for the winter. There was an incident while on tour. royal in Australia years ago when someone shouted things on a visit. William had let go of the team that organized the visit. ” After recalling that Prince William is a good boss, the commentator confided that Kate Middleton would be the perfect boss because she never loses her temper. “Believe me, we hear when these incidents with staff happen (…) we’ve never heard of Kate screaming or upset anyone,” he said.

The royal family must not become dependent on a member of staff

While many candidates would like to make friends with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, this is unlikely to happen according to Duncan Larcombe. “A number of times when William, Charles or Harry became too close and dependent on a particular staff member, be it one of the key roles such as their press officer or private, they left. there is a deliberate protocol for the rotation of roles so that the royal family is not too influenced by a particular adviser. Highly valued people are moved every two years, “he said. Finally, he added: “It was probably hundreds of years ago. One of the dangerous things for a member of the royal family is to become too dependent on someone outside.”

Prince William © Agency

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