Prince William is a huge sports fan, including tennis.
The Duke of Cambridge was spotted in the stands at Wimbledon on July 5.
A BBC camera captured footage where Prince William appears to be swearing.

On Tuesday evening July 5, British tennis number 1 Cameron Norrie faces Belgian David Goffin at Wimbledon. The 26-year-old star had some difficulties against his opponent. Which seems to have annoyed him at some point. But Cameron Norrie was far from the only one frustrated by his game. Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, 40, is known to be a huge sports fan. The Duke of Cambridge could not miss this match. Framed by BBC cameras, Kate Middleton’s husband looks frustrated.

For Prince William, frustration peaked at the exact moment Cameron Norrie lost a point to David Goffin. The future king of England got carried away because of this moment of the match. In footage captured by the BBC, the 96-year-old grandson of England’s Queen Elizabeth II can be seen straightening his tie in frustration. But even more, we can read on his lips what would most likely look like a swear word. “He shakes his head from side to side before swearing as he straightens his tie,” the Mirror said, describing Prince William’s behavior at Wimbledon.

Prince William: the Duke of Cambridge’s swear word was not taken badly

Many viewers are convinced Prince William, Duke of Cambridge said, “No, no, no, no, no, no, no…f***it.” The debates were very quickly launched on Twitter. To say the least, the comments show that most believe they saw Prince William swear. “Can’t not see him! So glad he’s human,” one user commented. Another said: “It’s good to see feelings”. Some have pointed out that the Duke of Cambridge could well have said “for heaven’s sake” since the camera cut that moment out pretty quickly.

Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, and Catherine (Kate) Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge © Chryslene Caillaud


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