Prince William and Prince Charles: this very dear controversy that they do not want to hear about

A palace insider tells the Daily Mail that Prince Charles and William will not be able to use the Royal Yacht Britannia for family trips. This is a new Yacht worth £ 200million. The reason being a difference of opinion at Whitehall on the cost of the ship. Indeed, this national flagship purchased by the government will be used as a ship and not as a luxury yacht. The aim of the purchase is to promote Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s post-Brexit vision. A vision that showcases the UK as a global trading nation.

Only, the palace insider claims that Prince Charles and William were reluctant to this purchase. This led to a dispute between number 10, the defense ministry as well as the business and trade ministries. In addition, Mr Johnson’s expenses for the ship have come under heavy criticism. Former Conservative Chancellor Ken Clarke called them in particular “populist nonsense”.

“We do not have money”

Besides Lord Clarke’s criticisms, the official government figures are clear on the subject. Government borrowing stood at £ 24.3 billion last May. A drop, certainly, compared to 43.8 billion last year at the center of the pandemic. However, it is still the highest figure ever recorded.

“The new ship is a complete waste of time, stupid populist nonsense,” Ken Clarke told BBC Radio 4’s Today program before adding “we have no money for this”. Further, the palace insider to the Daily Mail claims that no one at the palace wanted the ship.

Prince Charles and Prince William © Agence

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