As the countdown to welcome the New Year 2022 in the UK, Prince William and Kate Middleton, 39, shared a photo of them on social media. A photo at first glance, but which is nevertheless very evocative, according to Judi James, expert in body language. In a publication, the Cambridges put “We wish everyone a Happy New Year!” as a legend. In particular, we see the royal couple leaning towards each other in an image reflecting perfect marital happiness.

Judi James told the Mirror that the couple portray themselves as “the future of the monarchy” and appear “loving, strong and happy”. “This is not only a smiling pose from the royal couple who wish us all a happy new year, but also a very significant, if not unique, choice of what they tell us about themselves, about their relationship with us, and the future of the monarchy, “said Judi James. “With the death of Prince Philip and the Queen’s fragile moments in 2021, we are probably, and deliberately, being shown a future King and a future Queen who, against all odds in royal terms, make such a loving, strong couple, happy and even flirtatious as when they were married, ”she added.

Kate and William, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, are more united than ever

This end of year photo follows many other photos where the couple appears with a smile on their face. Moreover, let us recall that the couple celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary, rather in the year 2021. And last September, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were on their 31st for the premiere of James Bond in central London .

Expert Judi James says their year-end photo shows a strong bond between them. “Kate doesn’t just hold William’s hand in hers, but puts both of her hands around hers as if she considers him to be something very precious,” she says. “This hand forms an affirming gesture of affection and ownership that goes beyond any normal grip,” she added.

Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, Catherine Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge © Instagram

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