Christmas for the Norwegian royal family was full of joy. The void left by a former family member has been filled. Crown Prince Haakon, Crown Princess Mette-Marit and their children have welcomed an incredibly adorable new member. Molly Fiskebolle, that is the name of this new puppy which replaces Muffins. Muffins was the beloved Labrador retriever of members of the Norwegian royal family. The darling of Prince Sverre Magnus, 16, and Princess Ingrid Alexandra, 17, died five months ago. Muffins died of cancer in July, recalls Hola! Magazine. Milly, Muffins’ mom is still alive and remains a beloved member of the family. As for Molly, the adorable new puppy was officially featured in the Norwegian Royal Family Christmas photos.

In the photos, Crown Prince Haakon’s son and daughter can be seen cuddling their new puppy. “Welcome to Molly Fiskebolle, the new member of the crown prince’s family”, can we read in the caption of the published photos. The Crown Prince’s family joined King Harald V and Queen Sonja of Norway in Skaugum to celebrate Christmas. In his greetings, the King of Norway wished to recall that “Christmas celebrations, after all, must be characterized by warmth and care for each other.” Its message relates to the disappointment, nostalgia and worry of families for the future. King Harald V reminds us that Christmas is the occasion to “make a call to someone whom you know will appreciate it”. “Send a welcome message to someone who needs it. Take a walk with a loved one,” he recommended.

Princess Ingrid and Prince Sverre Magnus of Norway missed their former puppy

Muffins was the favorite puppy of Norwegian royals before Molly arrived. The family does not hide their devotion to their pets. “They were joined by Muffins when they welcomed the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to their home in 2018,” Royal Central magazine recalls. Norwegian royals also issued social media alerts when Muffins went missing. When the little Labrador died, the mother of Prince Sverre Magnus and Princess Ingrid said the dog was the center of the lives of family members.

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