Prince Philip’s funeral: it was William who asked not to be next to Harry!

This is one of the images of this emotional day. This Saturday, April 17, Princes William and Harry met for the first time in many months and the move of the Duke of Sussex to the United States. A reunion under high tension, since the relations between the brothers are electric. But for the funeral of Prince Philip, they put their resentment aside … and at a safe distance! For in the procession which accompanied the Duke of Edinburgh, Princes William and Harry were separated by their cousin, Peter Phillips, the son of Princess Anne. An astonishing placement, which would have been decided by the husband of Kate Middleton. According to the Mail on Sunday in fact, the Duke of Cambridge would have preferred not to stand near his younger brother.

He would therefore have asked his cousin to stand between them, so as not to put water on the fire. “He just does what he said and continues to do”, has also reported one of his relatives in the columns of the tabloid. And yet, just after the farewell ceremony to their grandfather, the two brothers were seen in the middle of a discussion. A beginning of reconciliation? In any case, this is what Kate Middleton wants, who played a key role in their reunion. “Being herself very close to her brother and sister, James and Pippa, and having witnessed the special bond between William and Harry, she finds this whole situation difficult and upsetting,” said a source in the columns of the Telegraph. . Prince Harry’s return to England was therefore a good way for the family to calm tensions.

Meghan Markle had tender attention for Her Majesty

“They completely agree that this week should be devoted to supporting the queen and the rest of the family,” said a source close to the Palace. “They want to spend time together as a family, in the same time zone for once,” a relative confirmed in The Telegraph. Returned to England to say goodbye to his grandfather, Prince Harry is not going to last forever. The Duke of Sussex intends to reach Los Angeles as soon as possible, where Meghan Markle is waiting for him, pregnant with their second child. Thousands of kilometers away from elsewhere, the mother-to-be had tender attention for the funeral of the Queen’s husband: a magnificent crown of flowers as well as a word of condolence for Her Majesty.

Harry and William © AGENCY

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