Prince Philip: those tender words with which he signed his letters to Princess Diana

The news shocked the entire planet. On April 9, Buckingham Palace announced, via a press release, the death of one of its pillars for nearly seventy years: Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. “It is with deep sorrow that Her Majesty the Queen announces the death of her dear husband, His Royal Highness Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh”, could one read in the official statement of the royal family. Prince consort since February 6, 1952, the day of accession to the throne of his wife, Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Philip Moutbatten was among the most affectionate royals of the British people, both for his devotion to England, but also by its apparent proximity to other members of the royal family. In 2011, Elizabeth II called him his “rock”, his “strength” and his “support” while on April 11, Prince Charles underlined the “particular loss” he felt following the death of his “dear dad” .

Loyal and unwavering, Prince Philip has always maintained a close relationship with the other members of his family, even in the least auspicious of times. In the 1990s, when the kingdom witnessed the separation of Charles and Lady Diana, powerless, the Duke of Edinburgh got very close to the Princess of Wales. Compassionate, Charles’s father spoke at length by mail with his daughter-in-law, addressing her with the gentleness of a father, even when leaving Charles, she threatened the image and sustainability of the monarchy. “Philip recognized that” Charles’ infidelities with Camille Parker Bowles “were a crucial element of his misfortune,” said a close friend of Lady Diana. “Even though these letters were harsh, it is clear that he was trying to be constructive. They were kind and warm, courteous and helpful, like a father writing to his daughter,” the source recalls.

“With my tenderest love, Pa ‘”

Unveiled in the British Express on September 8, 2018, Philip’s letters to Diana all had one thing in common: they were signed “With my most tender love, Pa ‘”. Words revealing the affection the Prince Consort had for his daughter-in-law, who never stopped calling her “Pa ‘”, even after her official divorce from Prince Charles. And this affection for Lady Diana, Prince Philip later carried over to his grandsons, William and Harry. Much affected by the death of the Princess of Wales, the Duke of Edinburgh gave his most solid support to the heirs of Prince Charles, notably walking alongside them behind their mother’s coffin, from Kensington Palace to the abbey of Westminster, September 6, 1997.


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