Prince Philip: Lady Louise Windsor’s delicate tribute to her grandfather

Like the Duke of Edinburgh, Lady Louise Windsor is passionate about equestrian sport. During her lifetime, Prince Philip spent a lot of time with her and passed on to her a passion for horses and driving. Drawing horse-drawn carriages himself since the 1970s, the Duke of Edinburgh was a true enthusiast, as is his granddaughter today.

When she was 17, Lady Louise Windsor couldn’t wait to take part in the Royal Windsor Horse Show. This equestrian event is eagerly awaited this year since it was canceled last year. Very proud, Lady Louise Windsor displays her most beautiful smiles under the lenses of the photographers. From the front row, Prince Edward and Queen Elizabeth II admire Lady Louise’s elegance from the stands with faces lit with pride.

For the occasion, Lady Louise Windsor was dressed in an elegant green riding jacket adorned with a flower. On her head, she wears an authentic feathered riding helmet to match the jacket. Prince Philip’s granddaughter did not fail to display a smile throughout this important horse competition. This competition is so dear to the royal family. Note that Queen Elizabeth II herself was still riding a horse not long ago.

“Lady Louise was joined by her mother”

“The Countess of Wessex, who is herself an avid team driver” joined her daughter in the competition. Like her daughter, the Countess of Wessex was also of rare elegance during this horse show. The difference is that Lady Louise Windsor drove a horse-drawn carriage bequeathed to her by her grandfather.

Indeed, “the Duke of Edinburgh bequeathed by will his last car to his youngest granddaughter”. Since the departure of Prince Philippe, Lady Louise has been driving her carriage, as during her participation in the Champagne Laurent-Perrier meeting of the British Driving Society.

Prince Philip © Agency

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