Little fear in the entourage of Elizabeth II. On Wednesday February 17, several British media announced the hospitalization of Prince Philip the day before at King Edward VII Hospital in London. It was after a few days ill and without complaint that the Duke of Edinburgh finally agreed to consult and allow himself “a few days of rest, under observation” in a medical establishment. To quickly silence the rumors, Buckingham Palace clarified that the state of health of the queen’s husband was in no way linked to Covid-19, he who received his first dose of vaccine last January.

“He was happy to be hospitalized as a precaution and he is in a good mood,” a source told The Mirror, adding that it took a bit long to make Prince Philip listen to reason, who is reserved by nature and not really the type to complain. “He wanted the minimum of fuss to be done around him, especially because the doctors and nurses are all working so hard during the pandemic,” a source said. An admission which, if it was not made urgently, should last several days for Prince Philip, who will celebrate his 100th birthday next June, to whom doctors have prescribed a lot of rest. And visits are also prohibited, in accordance with the measures taken during the pandemic.

Hospitalization last December

Confined to Windsor Castle with Elizabeth II, Prince Philip is now very discreet in the public life of the royal family, he who retired from his functions in 2017. At 99, he is now enjoying a well-deserved retirement , however marked by a few recurrent visits to the hospital, as was the case last December, a few days before Christmas. The latest, however, did not worry Elizabeth II, since it was a “usual procedure” aimed at “treating a pre-existing condition”.

Prince Philip © Agency

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