Prince Philip hospitalized: the Queen’s husband received a visit from his son, Prince Charles

The British royal family still united and united … On February 16, Prince Philip was uneasy. Soon the Duke of Edinburgh was admitted to King Edward VII Hospital in London. “His hospitalization is a precautionary measure on the advice of the doctor of His Royal Highness,” said Buckingham Palace in a statement. For several days therefore, the husband of Queen Elizabeth II must remain under observation at the clinic. And for good reason, although Prince Philip’s state of health is neither worrying nor linked to the Coronavirus, his doctor would prefer to keep him under surveillance for a few more days, as revealed by Rebecca English, royal expert for the Daily Mail.

During his stay in the hospital where he still is, Prince Philip can count on the support of his relatives and family. According to information from People magazine, the 99-year-old Duke received a visit from his son, Prince Charles, on Sunday, February 20. The 72-year-old Duke has been pictured going to King Edward VII Hospital in London. He wore a gray suit, white shirt and face mask as he entered the building, not far from security personnel.

Prince Philip will return to Windsor soon

Despite the health crisis and the special protocol imposed due to Coronavirus, the son of Queen Elizabeth II was therefore able to visit his father. There is no doubt that this visit must have warmed the heart of Prince Philip. Fortunately, the entire royal family can count on doctors and healthcare professionals who act “with great caution”. Prince Philip is expected to be able to be released from hospital and return to Windsor within the coming week, according to a close source. Within four months, on June 10, the husband of the Queen of England will celebrate his 100th candle. Withdrawn from public life since 2017, he is very discreet on the front of the media scene and only very rarely participates in official events.

Prince Philip and Prince Charles © AGENCE

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