Prince Philip hospitalized for 10 days: feverish Britons

He is one of the pillars of the British royal family. Prince consort of the United Kingdom since February 6, 1952, the day of accession of his wife Elizabeth II to the throne of England, the Duke of Edinburgh has seen his health gradually decline. Prince Philip, 99, was hospitalized on February 16, suffering from an infection that would have caused discomfort. But although Buckingham Palace assures that the hospitalization of the Duke would be a “precautionary measure on the advice of the doctor of his royal highness”, the British are worried to see their prince thus diminished. Since Philip Mountbatten’s arrival at King Edward VII Hospital, many passers-by have made a detour to the clinic. They all have the same expression on their faces, that of apprehension.

“This is worrying because given his age, he is very fragile. We are delighted to celebrate the Queen’s jubilee next year, it would be such a shame if he was no longer there to attend”, confides an Englishwoman to our colleagues in Europe 1. Another, just as worried, fears seeing one of the figures of her country disappear. “I hope he will get out of this. It would be so strange for him to disappear. I have never known him with the queen at the head of the monarchy,” she said.

Prolonged hospitalization for Prince Philip

Unfortunately, the prince is not expected to leave the hospital for at least a few days. In any case, this is what Buckingham Palace let know, in a press release made public on February 23. “The Duke of Edinburgh remains at King Edward VII Hospital where he is receiving medical treatment for an infection,” the statement read. “He is responding to treatment, but should not leave the hospital for several days.” However, if Prince Edward, who visited his father a few days ago, is to be believed, Prince Philip’s state of health would take an encouraging turn. “He can’t wait to get out, that’s the most positive thing,” the Earl of Wessex told Sky News. However, we will have to wait a little longer to be sure, and so that the British can finally breathe …

Elisabeth II of England and Prince Philip © Agence

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