Prince Philip: his considerable efforts to try to hide his state of health

On October 6, Queen Elizabeth II made her big comeback at Windsor Castle. But without her husband. And for good reason, he, Prince Philip, remained in Norfolk. As a reminder, the royal couple stayed in Norfolk County for three weeks, after shortening their summer vacation in Balmoral, Scotland. The Duke of Edinburgh therefore decided to stay there, in their mansion of Wood Farm, located on the grounds of Sandringham Castle, despite the distance from his wife the Queen of England.

So how is Prince Philip doing? He who retired from public life in 2017, the Duke of Edinburgh is now 99 years old. Despite his advanced age, Prince Philip is determined not to let his state of health get in the way of his next public appearances. “It could take several hours of slow preparation and he’ll get up as early as needed to make sure he’s on time,” Ingrid Seward, a royalty writer, explained in an interview with Vanity Fair. .

A “proud” man

The author has revealed the difficulties that Prince Philip may possibly encounter, during an upcoming possibly official in public. “He makes a massive effort when he has to make an appearance and he knows he has to be at his best,” she added. On his way, the writer explained that the husband of Queen Elizabeth II is a “proud man”. “He doesn’t want to be seen with a cane, and he would never consider a walker,” she continued. If there is one particular event that Prince Philip is preparing for, it is his birthday, which will be June 10, 2021. “He does what he can and he knows there will be a wait. on his part, to participate in the celebrations for his 100th birthday next year “, concluded Ingrid Seward.

Prince Philip © Agency

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