Prince Louis was baptized in 2018 along with his entire family
Her uncle gave her a very nice gift for the occasion
Prince Harry did not hesitate to spend thousands of pounds to please his nephew

A touching attention. In the midst of the Cold War between Prince Harry and Prince William, who are finding it increasingly difficult to understand and communicate with each other, it is good to remember that the relationship between the two brothers has not always been so tense. Before the release of Prince Harry’s memoirs entitled The Substitute (Spare) in which he does not hesitate to paint a rather gloomy picture of his brother, the two sons of Lady Diana were rather close. And Prince Harry was therefore an uncle present for his two nephews and his niece, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and the last born, Prince Louis. For the baptism of the latter, the Duke of Sussex has also spent a nice sum to offer him a gift worthy of the name.

According to the Mirror, Prince Harry wanted to pay tribute to his mother by offering Prince Louis a first edition. Princess Diana was indeed very fond of first editions of literary classics, so Prince Harry decided to carry on a tradition by gifting his nephews and niece first editions so they could start their own collection. For the youngest son of Prince William and Kate Middleton, Harry therefore spent less than 8,000 pounds to buy an original copy of the book Winnie the Pooh by A.A. Milne published in 1926 and of which only 30,000 copies were printed.

Memories related to Princess Diana

Also according to the Mirror, a friend of Prince Harry explained: “One of Harry’s happiest memories was when his mum read him bedtime stories. She loved the classics and Harry had the brilliant idea of ​​starting a little collection of first editions for Louis, Charlotte and George”. A very nice idea that gives hope that despite the conflict that is shaking the royal family, Prince Harry will remain close to his niece and nephews, in particular thanks to this kind of carefully thought out gifts.

Prince Louis spoiled: this very rare object at the staggering price that his uncle Harry gave him

Prince Louis © Dana Press

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