They are the UK’s most famous children. George, Charlotte and Louis of Cambridge have a clear path. Third in the order of succession to the throne of England, Prince George already knows that he will one day become king. A role for which his parents, Kate Middleton and Prince William, are gradually starting to prepare him. The little boy was allowed last summer to attend Euro matches with his parents to support the Three Lions (nickname of the England team). But be careful, there is no question of wearing a football shirt on your shoulders. The eight-year-old boy thus appeared in a suit and tie in public for the first time.

But the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are also very careful not to leave their two other children behind, as expert Camilla Tominey revealed in The Telegraph’s Royal Insight Series. The royal couple is doing everything possible so that the princess and her little brother build a career. “[William and Kate] don’t want history to repeat itself and Prince Louis to appear to be a foil to the king and end up taking the same path as the Duke of York,” Camilla Tominey said. .

Prince Louis expected for Christmas mass

And to do this, Prince Louis, at the height of his three years, will also soon make his entry into the big leagues. As revealed by The Express, he must indeed attend the planned Christmas mass at St Mary Magdalene Church in Norfolk. It won’t be the young boy’s first public appearance, but it will be his very first official event as a member of the British Royal Family. The Express adds that Louis would be ready to take this “royal step”. Queen Elizabeth II will also be present at this mass, along with other members of the British Royal Family who are all expected to be staying at Sandringham Castle for Christmas.

Prince Louis © Agency

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