Elizabeth II celebrated her platinum jubilee from Thursday June 2 to Sunday June 5, 2022.
The behavior of Prince Louis has been noticed.
Mike Tindall had to tell the little boy that he was keeping an eye on him.
Mike Tindall has revealed Prince Louis – who ate a lot of candy – just wanted to have fun.

Over the past few days, Prince Louis’ facial expressions and demeanor have been noticed. At only four years old, the son of Kate Middleton and Prince William took part in the celebrations of the Platinum Jubilee of Elizabeth II. Between Thursday June 2 and Sunday June 5, 2022, the little boy was extremely restless. On the last day of the party, Mike Tindall allowed himself to let Prince Louis know that he was keeping an eye on him and that he had to behave himself. Wednesday June 8, 2022 in the podcast The Good, The Bad and The Rugby, he explained that he was installed behind the little boy, with his wife Zara and their two daughters Mia (8 years old) and Lena (3 years old).

During this episode, Mike Tindall said, “Louis, he just wanted to have fun. And mine are always mischievous, so I try to stay in control. There was a lot of candy in the back, so he there was a real sugar spike.” As he intervened to hold the little boy together, he added: “It’s hard for them. They’re all young…it’s a long time. But as all parents know, we do everything what needs to be done.” If Prince Louis has made his mother see all the colors, it seems that she does not hold it against him at all. On Twitter, Kate Middleton and Prince William wrote in caption of various shots of the platinum jubilee of Elizabeth II: “We hope you had an unforgettable weekend. We all had an incredible time, especially Louis.”

The behavior of Prince Louis analyzed by the British Super Nanny

Jo Frost, the star of the British version of the Super Nanny show, has commented on Prince Louis’ behavior. Monday June 6, 2022, in the caption of a video retracing the best moments of Prince Louis during these four days of celebrations, she indeed wrote: “I think Prince Louis behaved remarkably well, given his young age, because he was surrounded by so many people. It was amazing! Unlike other children, the whole world expects members of the royal family to behave in a certain way, but in the end account, they are children, members of the royal family, or not.” Closing, she added, “Catherine is never afraid to tell kids to stop being silly in public, I love that about her.”

Kate Middleton, Prince Louis, and Princess Charlotte © AGENCY

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