Prince Harry’s memoir will be released on January 10
In his memoirs, Prince Harry does not spare his father
King Charles III was seen for the first time on January 8 very smiling

In front of the last outing of King Charles III, the English tabloids could headline that “the drool of the toad does not reach the white dove”… But difficult to know if the British sovereign is not affected by the revelations of Prince Harry or if he has mastered the art of putting on a good face. This Sunday, January 8, Charles III was seen for the first time since explosive extracts from the memoirs of his youngest son were published in the media. A few days before the official publication of the Alternate – on January 10, Elizabeth II’s successor attended a Sunday service at St Lawrence’s Church in Norfolk. King Charles III arrived smiling and was quick to greet the people who were waiting for him…

However, King Charles III is not spared in the memories of Prince Harry … In his book, the Duke of Sussex attacks his father frontally, going so far as to affirm that he is jealous of his wife, Meghan Markle, and her sister-in-law, Kate Middleton. According to Prince Harry, the reason his father told him he had no ‘money to spare’ to support him financially was because he feared the ‘new and resplendent’ Duchess would steal the show . In his memoirs, Prince William’s brother also explains that he got the name of his book from a joke made by his father on the day of his birth. Addressing his wife, Lady Diana, King Charles III is said to have exclaimed, “Wonderful! Now you have given me a king and an alternate. My work is done.”

King Charles III: his strong and symbolic decision against Prince Harry

A few days before the publication of his son’s memoirs, King Charles III made a big decision: without prohibiting him from being present at his coronation, the sovereign decided that Prince Harry would not play any official role. “As things stand, there is no role for Harry in the service,” a source told The Sunday Times. The King has completely excluded Prince Harry from the scenario of his coronation, meaning he will only be a member of the public if he chooses to attend the May 6 event. In a major break with tradition, King Charles will not require the six royal dukes to kneel before him to “pay their respects” before touching the crown and kissing the monarch’s right cheek. Only Prince William will have to comply, but not his brother, who is the Duke of Sussex…

Prince Harry's book: Charles III appears smiling for his first outing since his son's shock revelations

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