In his sulphurous memoirs entitled The Substitute, Prince Harry reveals that he was the victim of a “shameless lie”. A show carefully staged by his brother William who had promised him the role of witness when he married Kate in 2011. “Willy did not want me to give a witness speech”, reveals the youngest of King Charles III in his book. The road trip in a Bentley to Westminster Abbey? A decoy, writes Harry, to better preserve appearances and stage a facade of unity. The Prince says James Meade and Thomas Van Straubenzee, close friends of his brother, had the honor of delivering the traditional wedding speech shortly after the ceremony.

A few lines later, Harry does not go by the back of the spoon. Nervous the day before putting the ring on Kate’s finger, William would have swallowed swigs of rum to the point of ending up intoxicated. His little brother would then have said to him “You smell of alcohol” before offering him mints. Wouldn’t William have digested the pellet? Meghan’s husband reveals a headache with the Prince of Wales who allegedly told him to marry in turn without the slightest hair on his face. “He ordered me, as heir speaking to the Queen, to shave,” reads The Substitute. An injunction all the more surprising that the late queen had approved the facial hair of her grandson. “He hated the idea of ​​me taking advantage of an advantage he was deprived of,” comments Harry. Jealousy and alcohol have never gone well together…

This violent argument between Harry and William

In another extract revealed this Thursday, January 5 by The Guardian, we learn that Prince William is accused by his eldest of having thrown him to the ground during an argument that occurred in 2019. In question, the criticisms of Kate’s husband to against Meghan, a woman deemed “difficult” and “rude”. The aimed shot did not please the youngest of the grandsons of Elizabeth II. Harry would then have immediately retaliated. After an exchange of insults, “[William] grabbed me by the collar, ripping my collar off, and knocked me to the ground,” the Duke of Sussex recounts in his memoir. On the ground, Harry, “dazed”, would have been ordered to leave the place. His brother would then have apologized to him, while asking him not to publicize the altercation about Meghan. The case would nevertheless have come to the ears of the main interested party. Put in the scent by her husband, Harry’s wife would not have been “so surprised or angry”, but indeed “terribly sad.”

Prince Harry witness to William? His revelations about his demotion at his brother's wedding

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