Since his birth in 1984, Prince Harry has been at the center of some remarks. Unflattering remarks that revolve around her red hair color. Moreover, some rumors say that he would not be the son of Prince Charles, according to the sources of Here. These same rumors claim that the Duke of Sussex is in fact the son of James Hewitt, the former lover of Lady Diana.

However, this disease called dactylitis is proof that contradicts all these rumors. Indeed, this disease is a genetic common point of the royal family. Prince Harry, Prince William, Prince Charles and Prince Philip would suffer from this same disease. It is an inflammation of the fingers. This explains the sausage shape at the fingers. Moreover, these fingers are called “sausage fingers” in English. This crazy resemblance between the husband of Meghan Markle and the Duke of Edinburgh is not new. On the cover of Paris Match in 1957, experts spotted a more than striking resemblance between the royals.

Prince Harry has been at the center of many controversies

Archie and Lilibet’s father’s hair color has always been the center of attention. When she was born on September 15, 1984, her father, Prince Charles, had a shocking reaction to her discovery. At that time, the future king wanted a girl, according to Lady Di’s biographer Andrew Morton. “Oh my god, it’s a boy!”, Prince Charles would have dropped. “He even has red hair!”, he would have added.

A shock that is surely explained by the fact that no other member of the family has red hair. It was in the 90s that rumors about the identity of Prince Harry were born. Some of them said that the Duke of Sussex, 37, would be the son of James Hewitt. Recall that this former British army cavalry officer had an affair with Princess Diana. Besides, he has red hair. Only he claimed that his affair with the princess did not begin until 1986.

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