A bad interview. On April 20, Prince Harry gave an exclusive interview to the American channel NBC. The opportunity for the Sussex duo to talk about his visit to Elizabeth II a few days earlier, and the relationship he has with his grandmother. “She has a great sense of humor,” assured the prince in particular, before adding: “We have a very special relationship. We talk about things that she cannot talk to anyone else”. Meghan Markle’s husband also addressed the issue of security by explaining to ensure that the queen “is protected and that she has the right people around her”.

But this interview did not please everyone, and in particular the big bosses of Netflix. Indeed, the streaming giant signed a multimillion-dollar deal last year to produce a documentary about the Invictus Games, a multi-sport competition for wounded and disabled soldiers and war veterans, launched in 2014 at the behest of Prince Harry, who served in the British Army in Afghanistan. And Netflix officials would therefore not have appreciated Harry agreeing to give interviews to competing channels, and revealing the details of his visit to the Queen, reports the Daily Mail this Sunday, May 8. There would even have been “a real feeling of annoyance” on the side of the platform.

According to a source, this frustration was heightened by the fact that a Netflix film crew was following Harry at the time for the Heart Of Invictus documentary. “Netflix would have liked to have the first comments on the visit to the Queen for the documentary,” said this source. An industry expert also said, “Netflix pays them millions and they give all their best interviews to other networks. Do they expect Netflix to be happy with that?”

Netflix cancels a project with Meghan Markle

For several days, relations have been strained between the princely couple and Netflix. As revealed by AFP on May 3, the streaming platform has decided to cancel Pearl!, an animated series project created by Meghan Markle. This fiction was to tell the life of a 12-year-old teenager, inspired by women who have marked history. The actress and wife of Prince Harry was also set to produce the series. But this cancellation was justified by the fact that Netflix must reduce its costs after the drop in its number of subscribers: 200,000 fewer worldwide in the first quarter. At the same time, the American giant had however announced the maintenance of Heart of Invictus.

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