Everything seems to separate Prince Harry and Prince William. After growing up in the UK under the spotlight, the two brothers took different paths. And everything suggests that they are not ready to be reconciled. The British royal family correspondent for the BBC, Peter Hunt, explains: “I think there is no way it will happen because he is committed (note: in writing his memoirs) to stay true with himself. He clearly has a lot of grief about how his departure from the British royal family came about. I think he will go into the details of his break-up with his brother William and other details. Remember in his interview with Oprah, he brought up the fact that his father did not answer his calls. “

A long-standing rupture between the two princes

If the two have been in conflict for several months, it would seem that the animosity between the two princes does not date from yesterday. In his book Battle of Brothers, Robert Lacey referred to an argument between the Duke of Sussex and Prince William. The reason for their altercation? Harry’s wife, Meghan Markle. “The Duke of Cambridge did not want to have any more contact with his brother’s wife,” said Robert Lacey.

A revelation which led to an altercation which was not easy. “William literally threw Harry out of the palace,” a source close to the royal family told the author of the book. The end of year celebrations and the birth of Lilibet do not seem to have allowed the two princes to be reconciled.

Prince William and Prince Harry © Agence / Bestimage

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