They wanted to learn more. During her lifetime, Lady Diana was a follower of astrology. On several occasions, she consulted mediums and in particular Sally Morgan. The latter recently unveiled her book, entitled Secret Spirit. In it, she made many revelations regarding Princess Diana and she also touched on a visit from Prince Harry which dates back to 2006. As reported by The Mirror this Saturday, November 13, the Duke of Sussex wanted to know more concerning the death of his mother but also on his own future. “Sally, you are the lady who used to see my mother. I remember that my mother often spoke about you, she chatted a lot with you”, he had then confided to Sally Morgan when they first met. A few years later, in 2014, Prince Harry would have resumed contact with the clairvoyant, as reported in the tabloid. “I was on vacation in Saint-Tropez and he called me. The first thing he said was, ‘What do you think about my mother’s death?’,” Recalled the psychic. An important conversation for him since he wanted to have his questions answered.

Heartbreaking revelations. In her book, Sally Morgan claims to have indicated to Prince Harry that he should “go talk to Diana’s older sister, Lady Sarah McCorquodale, she will tell you what I told her before your mother died”, can we? first read. Subsequently, it is clarified that the clairvoyant had predicted the death of Princess Diana. “I predicted that she was going to die, that she was in a really dark place where I could see a sidewalk”, she first remembered before adding: “I had seen her was going to be dragged for resuscitation but would have a heart attack. And that’s what the Princess of Wales died of, a heart attack … “. If he wanted to learn more about his mother’s death, Prince Harry also wanted to know about his future. “What will my future wife’s hair color be? Will her hair be blond?” He asked her. To which the main concerned would have replied: “I said he would marry someone with black hair,” said Sally Morgan. An intuition that has turned out to be true since the Duke of Sussex shares his life with Meghan Markle whose hair is black.

Prince Harry: why was he worried about his brother, Prince William?

In her book, Sally Morgan reveals that Prince Harry wanted answers regarding his mother and her future but he was also worried about his brother, Prince William. “How will my brother be later? Is he going to be okay?” He asked the psychic. What the main concerned would have replied: “He will be good and he will be king, but he is in a different bubble from yours”. An assertion to which the Duke of Sussex simply said: “This is why I will always worry about him”. Today, relations between the two brothers have been strained since Meghan Markle and his wife made the decision to leave the royal family.

Prince Harry © AGENCY

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