The British royal family tried everything to prevent its publication… After months of waiting, fans were finally able to get hold of Prince Harry’s memoir. The alternate was published by Fayard editions on Tuesday January 10, 2023. If the Duke of Sussex recounts his childhood there, his feelings following the death of his mother Lady Diana, or even the beginnings of his relationship with his wife, Meghan Markle, he does not did not write down his memories himself. The younger brother of Prince William has indeed appealed to the former American journalist and writer J. R. Moehringer. During his career, he wrote many books, and notably helped Andre Agassi, the former tennis player, to write his memoirs. According to the Times, it was George Clooney who introduced J. R. Moehringer to Prince Harry.

Paid a million dollars to write the Duke of Sussex’s memoir, J. R. Moehringer recently defended it. Indeed, some experts have reported inaccuracies and historical errors in The Substitute. After pointing out that Prince Harry himself admits he’s not always sure about the accuracy of all the details he shares, believing it to be due to childhood trauma, the writer tweeted the latter’s words. “Whatever the cause, my memory is my memory… There is as much truth in what I remember and how I remember it as there is in so-called objective facts,” he said. he shares. In his memoirs, Prince Harry claims, for example, that he received an Xbox for his 13th birthday in 1997. However, the game console was not released until 2001. On Twitter, the writer then specified: “It is appropriate to note that in the book, when Harry talks about the Xbox, he explicitly states that he has no idea if this memory is true and explains that his mother’s death ruined his memories.”

Prince Harry: How many copies of his book have sold in the UK?

Since the Megxit, in March 2020, the Duke of Sussex has spent very little time in the United Kingdom. If the British are rather passionate about the love story of Prince William and Kate Middleton, many of them have bought Prince Harry’s memoirs. Its publisher has indeed announced that sales of these exceeded 1.4 million copies on the first day for the English edition. So far, no member of the British royal family has revealed whether they have read the book.

Prince Harry: who really wrote his memoirs?

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