Did Prince Harry succumb to surgery? Since his departure from the British royal family, Prince Harry has been interviewing in the American media to discuss his family, but also his role as a father. Recently, in his first interview of the year, he thus confided his exhaustion, in particular when he juggles between his children and his status as a business leader, he who with Meghan Markle founded Archewell, allowing them to sign many lucrative contracts. But if the words of the Duke of Sussex did not go unnoticed, his appearance on the screen either. And for good reason: some have noted a small hair change that has since given rise to many speculations.

Indeed, several observers have suggested that Prince Harry would have had recourse to hair implants to overcome the curse that weighs on the men of the royal family, who over time tend to lose their hair. From Prince Philip to Prince Charles via Prince William, whom his wife Kate Middleton nicknamed “baldy” (the bald, editor’s note), none are visibly spared from hair loss over time. In particular the husband of Meghan Markle, who according to the Daily Star said he was already ready in 2018 to pay 57,000 dollars to correct this aesthetic detail.

Has Prince Harry undergone treatment?

“To me, his hair is tousled in a way that doesn’t feel entirely natural to me (…) This kind of cut is similar to that of transplant men who let their hair grow back with a first stage where it is very thin (…) I would not be surprised if, in six or eight months, Harry sported a fuller hair”, thus confided Spencer Stevensen to the Daily Telegraph. Already in 2020, rumors were rife about the hair of Prince Harry, who the Sun claimed had undergone treatment to “thicken his hair”, under his own fear of becoming like his brother William, who in 2021 still won the title of “sexiest bald man”.

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