Memoirs of Prince Harry, released on January 10, 2023, continue to make noise. While he had decided to tell his truth and that he makes heavy accusations on certain members of the royal family, he also mentioned his three nephews, princes George and Louis as well as princess Charlotte. He also remembered the birth of the latter. If he was very happy to see his family grow, he had been shocked by the questions of a journalist. “Unsurprisingly, that day, during an interview, a journalist […] brought up the subject as if I had just been told that I was terminally ill,” he said. thus written at first before ensuring that he felt humiliated.

“It demotes you again in the order of succession. […] Fifth – hmmm. Even more the Substitute of the Substitute”, had launched the journalist, according to his words. Meghan Markle’s husband claims not to have thought about the estate at all when he learned of Charlotte’s birth, he was simply happy for his brother. “What kind of monster would think of him and his place in the order of succession […], instead of welcoming a new life on earth?”, He still wondered.

Prince Harry claims to worry about his brother’s children

During an interview with British journalist Bryony Gordon, to promote his book, he explained that he also wanted to write his Memoirs to protect the children of the Prince of Wales. “I know that out of these three children, at least one will end up like me, the alternate. And that hurts me, that worries me. William has made it very clear to me that his children’s lives are not under my control. responsibility. And I know that I will be crucified by many people for having said that (…) It is so dirty”, he had let go.

Prince Harry: what deeply shocked him when Charlotte was born

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