Prince Harry, who currently lives in the United States with Meghan Markle and her children, Archie and Lilibet, has filed a second lawsuit against the British government. No longer benefiting from the police protection reserved for members of the royal family, when he goes to British soil, he has indeed demanded to be able to hire the police. And that’s not to everyone’s taste.

Dai Davies, former Scotland Yard protection officer: ‘This legal action is nonsense’

For the former chief of police, Dai Davies, “this legal action is absurd” as reported by the Mirror. “For a man who supposedly wants to protect his privacy, he goes about it in a funny way. I think it’s personal. Rather than looking for a viable solution, he took this path which is strewn with pitfalls. It’s insulting. said the policeman. Prince Harry has indeed brought a second lawsuit against the government naming the Met Police as a defendant for the first time. The new case will focus on a decision made this year by the Royalties and VIPs Executive Committee, which said individuals should not be allowed to pay for the police to protect them. “British police are not ‘guns for hire’, the Home Office and Met Police said, according to the Mirror.

A few weeks ago, however, Prince Harry won the final stage of his fight against the High Court in his first trial against the Home Office. He is now allowed to continue with his claim, especially as his lawyers have argued that if he were allowed to engage the UK police it would cost the taxpayer nothing. Here’s one, good news.

Prince Harry unhappy with his protection: the ex-chief of police comes out of his hinges

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