Prince Harry: those old relationships he has reconnected with since moving to California

As he moved away from the royal family of England, Harry took to the skies. The one who lived in the shadow of his brother William, who will claim the throne in a few years, is now a happy man. As revealed at the beginning of June a source close to the couple to People, he is fully enjoying his new life in California. “They’re close to the beach, which they enjoy, and they also have friends in the neighborhood that they hang out with. They spend a lot of time at home with Archie, but have also managed to have a few dates. you gallants, ”she explained. The Duke and Duchess, despite their life as young parents, manage to maintain a married life, but also a social one. Moreover, Harry would have reconnected with old relations since he moved across the Atlantic.

Harry: Who has he contacted since moving to California?

This move allowed Elizabeth II’s grandson to reconnect with friends he had not seen for years, due to the distance. As reported by The Sun, he secretly reunited with two former colleagues now stationed in Las Vegas. “Harry had kept in touch with them so when they learned they were coming to the United States, they invited him to come see them. His visits to the air base where they are staying were informal and they went out for a drink during their ‘downtime’, “a source said.

Also according to the same person, Harry, who was stripped of his military titles when he resigned from his royal duties, would still be very “down to earth” with his military friends would have been “himself” during these visits. “It’s good for Harry because it makes him feel like he’s at home when he’s with them,” she added. In 2011, he had completed aerial training at a military base in California.


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