Prince Harry: this surreal scene filmed in the heart of Bel-Air

The public already knows: Prince Harry is the cool prince of the British royal family. More relaxed and less traditional than the rest of his genealogy, he has distinguished himself many times in the past as the most unconventional of Royals, until, recently, his decision to distance himself from the crown for enjoying the Californian green pastures with his wife, son, and baby on the way. In an interview shot at the end of 2020 and published this Friday, the youngest of Diana’s sons meets host James Corden, in Los Angeles, for a city tour by bus. “This is my first time taking a tour from the top of a sightseeing coach,” Harry says. It must be admitted that as the grandson of the Queen of England, it is difficult to imagine him installed in the middle of the tourists gathered in the London buses. While the prince lends himself to some confidences while sipping a cup of tea, James Corden decides to make a stop at a rather particular house, namely the one which served in the series The Prince of Bel-Air. Amused by the princely pun, the English host suggests to his guest to buy the house to take it to the next level. “Do you remember the song from the credits?” James Corden asks Prince Harry as they walk towards the house. Without being asked, the husband of Meghan Markle embarks on the famous rap usually sung by Will Smith. A moment of anthology quickly followed by a second unusual passage. While Prince Harry is in bogus negotiations with the owner of the house to buy back the property, he says he needs to use the restroom. An unexpected scene which amuses James Corden, who remains on the steps. Suddenly, Prince Harry’s head appears at one of the downstairs windows. “James!”, The latter writes, “If I haven’t been back in 10 minutes, come get me!”

Meghan Markle called to the rescue

James Corden then decides to discuss the purchase of the house directly with Meghan Markle, by video call. “I think you should be living here,” he told The Duchess of Sussex. “What does Harry think of that?” She replies, amused. “Well, he has used the bathroom before, that tells you how comfortable he is!”

Prince Harry with James Corden © Agence

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