Prince Harry has launched proceedings to obtain a judicial review.
The Duke of Sussex case is costing British taxpayers a significant sum.
A former commander of Scotland Yard reveals the reason that pushes Prince Harry to seek this protection.

Because they have left their royal duties, the Sussexes are no longer entitled to armed protection. Prince Harry did not accept this decision, which he found unfair, recalls the article in The Sun of February 19, 2023. Prince Harry, 38, had launched judicial review proceedings before the High Court. At one point, the Duke of Sussex had offered to pay out of his own pocket for the police protection he feels is necessary for his family when they are away in the UK. The police are not a “weapon for hire”, we replied to Prince Harry.

The husband of Meghan Markle, the 41-year-old former actress, has claimed not to want taxpayers to pay for her safety and that of her family. Ironically, the legal battle that the dad of 3-year-old Archie and 1-year-old Lilibet has cost British taxpayers £300,000. On February 18 evening, a source from The Sun said Prince Harry “claims he doesn’t want the taxpayers to foot the bill for his guards – but they are being made to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for his trial”.

Prince Harry: the reason why the Duke of Sussex wants protection

The British tabloid believes Prince Harry’s case could go to the High Court in April this year. The coronation of King Charles III of England will take place on May 6. And it is not known if a decision could be made before this date, specifies The Sun. So far, Harry and Meghan have not confirmed whether or not they will be attending Charles III’s coronation.

John O’Connor, a former commandant of Scotland Yard, said: ‘To expect state-provided protection is arrogant and irrational’, before adding: ‘It’s just vanity anyway “He only wants protection because he thinks his importance is devalued without it. Taxpayers shouldn’t have to pay a penny for this case.”

Prince Harry: this staggering sum that cost taxpayers his lost battle for royal security

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