This Thursday, December 15, Netflix will unveil the last three episodes of the documentary series Harry & Meghan. The opportunity to discover a little more about the life of the Sussexes and their daily life spent at Buckingham Palace. But it seems that Prince Harry is already planning an explosive interview in which he should have many secrets. According to The Mirror, he would be considering several proposals from television channels to promote his autobiography but also to make explosive revelations. A senior source from the CBS network has confirmed that the Duke of Sussex has been in talks to sign a prime time TV special.

And according to specialists, this interview should be just as explosive as the one with Oprah Winfrey. Prince William’s brother has been inundated with interview offers from global TV companies. But a source said the couple consider one of the CBS presenters of the morning show King to be “a big supporter of Team Sussex”. “Prince Harry can’t stop talking about the release of the Netflix series. In a month, he’ll be back on the promotional trail for his memoir. Unlike now, where Netflix has let the series speak for itself. , Random House (the publishing house, editor’s note) will do selective promotion for the book”. Indeed, the publishing house has already released large sums of money: “They have invested more than $30m (£24m) in it, so they want it to appeal to as many people as possible. possible. Putting Harry in a primetime special with King would be a major stunt and attract millions of eyes.”

Prince Harry overwhelmed by interview requests

The channels must also keep the content of this interview secret: “Nothing can be really secure. So many things could happen and there could be a reaction from the royal family”. Here is another very bad news for the royal family. Charles III would also be thinking about the possibility of removing his son from all his royal titles. According to the royal expert, Richard Fitzwilliams, the king of England would think a lot about the future of his son with him. “The question is, what can the royal family do about this?” he wonders. “Harry will always remain a prince. The only thing they can do is not invite them to the coronation and cut all ties.”

Will Charles III invite his son to his coronation?

However, the expert doubts that the royal family will issue a statement following the broadcast of the series. “It is not in the interest of the royal family, except in the most extreme circumstances, to comment,” he said. “It would be an international circus. It’s a no-win situation for the royal family.” Does King Charles III plan to remove the princely title from his son? Dr Ed Perkins, royal assistant, told Good Morning Britain he is unsure whether the couple will be invited or will be able to travel from California to attend the occasion on May 6. “The idea that anyone at this stage understands whether Harry and Meghan will be there I would take with a grain of salt. There are still months to go, a lot of water still needs to flow under this bridge. Opportunities may still arise. It will take see.”

Prince Harry: this new explosive interview that he should give soon

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